The Easiest Way to Sanitize Your Makeup Palletes

A clean sanitized kit makes for a successful makeup artist.

There is no question that you should always have a spotless kit. Nobody sitting in your chair wants to see a nightmare array of yucky pallets, spilled foundation, dirty sponges and disgusting brushes.  True professional makeup artists make a point to sanitize every nook and cranny of their makeup kit to ensure healthy sanitary practices in their makeup chairs.

Avoid ruining your makeup investment

A question I hear often is “How do I sanitize my makeup pallets without ruining the powders?” While there are many ways to do this, I have found that utilizing an Ultraviolet Sanitizing Wand to be the most effective and convenient way of accomplishing a sanitary pallet of makeup without wasting or affecting the pigment of my powders. Best of all it gives me peace of mind.

So easy there is no excuse to NOT clean your makeup

A makeup artist friend of mine gave me one for Christmas a few years back and boy has it made my life easier when it comes to cleaning my kit.   I like to pass the sanitizing wand over my makeup palettes between clients in my chair. So far it's been great! I have not had a single complaint of infection in my twenty years of business as a makeup artist.

A clean appearance is still VERY important.  This wand in no way negates wiping down and physically cleaning your makeup kit. Don't be a lazy bum...

If you would like to add a sanitizing wand to your gear you can pick one up at a good price on and start sanitizing away. I also like to pass this over my makeup brushes just for a little extra precaution.  AAANNNDDD lots of other things too....

Happy Sanitizing - Mary RC

Full disclosure I am an Amazon associate.  I 100% stand behind my review/promotion of this product as I genuinely use it in my business.