Engage With Your Clients and Colleagues For More Leads

Keep Your Finger On the Pulse of Your Market

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! So what’s going on in your local business market? Do you have any idea? Well, I want you to sit down and see what’s happening in your market regarding your corner of the industry.


You should always take the time to know what’s happening to your coworkers and particularly to those who hire you. Is there a local strike happening with the union? Is the weather affecting filming? Are there new bridal shops opening in the area? Is unemployment affecting your business? Did one of your colleagues/clients receive an award? A good business person knows what the heck is happening in their market at all times. Good and bad!


Let Your Colleagues Know You Care

Take the time to comment and engage once e week with your local community on social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  Schedule 30 minutes in your phone right now. Make it a recurring reminder. 

Next, schedule another 30 minutes per week to research your local market's news.  Break down what you find out into 5 informative posts for your social media marketing. This will let your colleagues know that you care about what’s happening in your area and you care about them. It will also create engagement and awareness of you and your business.

Happy informing! Mary RC