My Favorite Makeup Kit And Why I Love It

The Makeup Kit struggle is real...

Every makeup artist struggles with finding the perfect kit for their workflow. trust me I know, I have been through numerous setups in my 20-year career. I have carried everything from a stackable train case to a fishing tackle box. The fishing tackle box was my favorite until it became obsolete and I could no longer find it. Thus continued my struggle for the perfect makeup kit. And we all know... the struggle is real!

Travel Mall!  Travel Mall!   Travel Mall!

As I searched through various makeup forums and makeup Facebook groups I continuously asked the question "What is your favorite makeup kit?” Time and time again the answer was ”The Travel Mall makeup kit!” So I decided to take the leap and I ordered the kit on

I have to tell you that it was not my favorite set up in the begining. I was still mourning the loss of my coveted fishing tackle box. But it essentially functions very similarly to my beloved plastic box. I'm going to share with you a few reasons why I am now a big fan of the Travel Mall Makeup kit.


It is a lightweight Makeup Kit without any product inside of it.

There is nothing worse than picking up a makeup case that weighs a ton and it doesn't even have a single tube of lipstick in it. Lightweight and easy to pick up is very important to me.  As time goes on, the bending and schlepping of gear gets harder and harder on my back.

It is a quick and easy Makeup Station setup.

I am not a makeup artist who likes to have a bunch of different little bags full of product. The way my clientele works, I do not have time to dig around inside bags for what I need. I like to be able to work out of my kit. Setting up and spreading out on a table is not conducive to my business. I love the fact that I can work directly out of this case with a very minimal setup. If there is no table I can plop it on a folding chair and WHA-LA I am ready to work.

It is an Affordable Makeup Kit

Ordering it off of Amazon is the most cost-effective way to pick up one of these cases. In general, the markup on makeup kits is quite substantial. Makeup cases can range anywhere from $60 to $500 depending on where you pick one up.

Okay okay, so it's not the perfect makeup kit! So here are a few minor cons.

You will have to care for the zipper

The zipper may split easily if you overstuff this case. My zipper split but it was an easy fix. I just took a pencil and rubbed it on the zipper and it was repaired after a few minutes. But because of that, I will occasionally swipe a pencil across the zipper just to make sure it doesn't split and something falls out.

It does not have any Wheels

For me this is a plus because I see Wheels as weight. Since I use a hand truck to carry all of my gear this isn't an issue for me.

So if you were on the fence about buying the travel makeup case at least you have another opinion as to why this is a great Makeup Artist's tool. You can click on this link to purchase if you're ready to buy.

Happy Kit Building - Mary RC

Full disclosure I am an Amazon associate.  I 100% stand behind my review/promotion of this product as I genuinely use it in my business.