MUA ADVICE OF THE DAY: Keep it simple

Why keep it simple you ask?  You wan't to attract the masses.  Emulate what works and sells. Vogue is a great example.

Take it easy on the concepts and ideas when shooting for your portfolio.  There is a fine line between couture and corny. It takes the right model, lighting, styling, and photographer to pull it off. Don't get caught up in overly made up faces and kooky ideas with newbies. These tests will not land you a paying job.  

I'm not saying you shouldn't be creative and have fun. Showing off your flair has a place here and there to keep your book interesting, but clean simple beauty should be your first and primary focus.

MUA ADVICE OF THE DAY: Nail kit, gotta have it!

Nail kit? Got one? I am in no way a nail technician but I cannot tell you how many times I've had to do nails in one way or another. As if practicing perfect eyeliner isn't enough, now you need to call upon your inner manicurist (personally I prefer to call a professional but that isn't always an option😁). There will always be a model with neon nails, blinged out gels or craggy cuticles in the world so you need to be prepared! Invest in a small nail kit and save the day when the shot calls for a close up of said model's hands. Don't forget to join the group MAKEUP ARTIST CHAT

MUA ADVICE OF THE DAY: Grab a shovel...

Be grateful for imperfect models and clients. I get so irritated by MUA's complaining about models or clients who do not have perfect skin or eyebrows etc. If people were perfect what would we do for a living? When someone apologizes in my chair for their breakout, chapped lips, whacked brows etc. I always tell them to stop, it's job security for me. I can fix it! While models should be prepared there is only so much they can do for hormones or overworked skin. On set if their skin is broken out, puffy or tired it's my job to inform the photographer, director etc. about the situation so lighting can be adjusted to compensate. It's not my job to scold the talent, thereby making them insecure or upset so they do not perform well and the whole shoot is a loss. Be grateful for imperfection, it keeps you employed. And if you can't handle the situation like a professional, it's time to look for another career.


Never and I mean NEVER talk smack about another MUA's abilities in your community to another MUA. Talent doesn't always determine the success of an MUA. Catty gossip is one way to ruin you and will kill your networking success. And if another MUA wants to tell you how horrible that other MUA did eyebrows on the last gig they did together, Run! Because that person is gonna do the same thing to you the minute you turn your back. DO NOT ENGAGE!

MUA ADVICE OF THE DAY: It's the little things...

Go grab a pair of crappy scissors and put them in your kit NOW. So when someone asks to use your scissors you do not feel obligated to school them on using your coveted hair or lash scissors. Simply hand them the icked, dull scissors so they can cut tags or tape with. It's better to be the go-to person than the MUA who gets pissy when you ask her for a pair of scissors. It's the little things that gets a call back.